Day 1 of Unit: "Using Art as a Lens to Examine Identity"
Class: Spanish 1
Objectives: Students will
  • analyze pieces art, both portraits and self-portraits
  • consider what we can learn about the subject - artist relationship from their work

I. Do Now (5-10 minutes)
4,3,2,1 Write
- 4 adjectives to describe your personality
- 3 things you’re passionate about
- 2 objects that represent you
- 1 place you love

II. Motivation: Making inferences (20 minutes)
Gallery Walk then discuss as a whole group. This also can be done as a Think-Pair-Share.
Hang up several different self-portraits with a blank sheet of paper beneath each portrait.
Students walk around (silently. It's a gallery!) and write their thoughts on the following prompts:

- How do you think these artists would describe themselves with words?
- What can infer about these artists through their self-portraits?
- What words come to mind?


III. Human Sculpture (25 minutes)

Task: The group must create a human sculpture that captures the essence of the portrait or gives a narrative of it. Before performing it for the class, practice several times going from neutral position and counting “1-2-3.”

Break students into groups of 3-4
Each group gets a portrait.
On the back of the portrait, answer the following:
Who is the subject?
What is s/he feeling?
When did this happen?
Where was s/he?
The groups perform for the class and explain the concept of their sculpture. Or the class can try to give an interpretation.

*Optional: Take a picture of each sculpture to hang up in the classroom beneath each portrait. You could also use the pictures for a follow up activity.

IV. Conclusion/Summary (5 minutes)
Minute paper: ¿Y tú?
Choice: Either write in your journal the answers to these prompts or draw your answers.
Take a look back at your answers to the DO NOW. If you were going to create a self-portrait, what would it look like? What colors would you use? What medium would you use? Where would it be set? What would you be doing? Why?

V. Homework
Find a portrait done by a Spanish-speaking artist. Post the image to SLA blog and write a 3-5 sentence description of what you think the artist was trying to communicate about his/her subject. (Segway for talking about portraits and the artist-subject relationship)