Español 4: El Arte de la Calle

Goals: Students will be able
  • to explain the significance of different works of street art in North Philadelphia (el Barrio de Oro)
  • to use art to give a narrative of the identity of their neighborhoods.
  • to describe elements related to the identity of their neighborhoods (history, significant events, important residents, etc)

  • What is the role of street art in the identity of a neighborhood?
  • What is art?
  • What is the identity of your neighborhood?
  • How can you capture the essence and the identity of your neighborhood through a mural?

Click to get to links:
Street Art Unit Plan

Street Art Day 1 Lesson Plan

Street Art Project: Design a mural for your neighborhood.
You have been commissioned by the Mural Arts Program to design a mural for your neighborhood. You must identify an appropriate location for the mural and design it. The mural must capture the essence of your community (the history, the people who live there, the vibe, the culture etc).
Write 500 word “caption” explaining the significance of your work. Post your project on SLA blog to share with other schools.