Social Justice and Figurative Language in Latino Literature (9th Grade Humanities)

Overview: This will be one lesson of the unit curriculum collectively devoted to analyzing
poetry through the lens of Latino poets, particularly as their respective poetic works relate to
rebellion and revolution as a response to an indentified social injustice. Selected works will
include those by Pedro Pietri, Reinaldo Arenas, Julia Alvarez, and Rhina Espaillait.

Unit Essential Question: How do various poetic devices help an author achieve his/her purpose?

Lesson Objectives

1. Identify examples of personification, metaphor, and simile in given poetic work. (Classswork)
2. Construct at least one written example of personification, metaphor, simile, and personification on a selected theme of injustice. (Exit Ticket)

Lesson plan and supplemental documents and worksheets can be found by searching "Pernell" in the files tab ("Manage Wiki"). Please e-mail me at with further questions and/or clarifications.